Tinubu’s 100 days economic policies hurting Nigerians — Bode George

FORMER Deputy National Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP Lagos, Chief Bode George, yesterday, took a swipe at the economic policies of the Bola Tinubu-led Federal Government saying it is hurting Nigerians.

He also warned the judiciary not to allow it to be used to disrupt the electoral process as it delivers judgment on the Presidential Election Petition.

Speaking during a state-of-the-nation press conferece in Lagos, the elder statesman faulted the Federal Government’s method in the distribution of palliatives to Nigerians describing it as voodoo economics.

On the palliatives given to states by the Federal Government, George said: “There is no individual in this globe called earth that knows it all. Who is the Chief Economic Adviser in the Villa? Is he a voodoo economist? Is he a medieval economist? Basic theory in economics says that when too much money is chasing a few goods, it causes hyperinflation. You gave N5 billion to states as palliatives, Who took that decision? Lagos has more than 22 million people, Bayelsa has about two million people and they have the same money.

“Kano with a huge population got the same with Jigawa. Is it money for the boys or money for the people? The whole world is now a global village.

“The moment Russia shut down their gas pipeline to Europe; they have all been in hell. What we are talking about here is the pain the people are passing through.

“In England too, there is pain and the people are shouting, doctors are on strike and the salary can no longer meet their daily needs. The cost of electricity has gone through the roof. “But in Nigeria, what the hell are we doing here?”

Warning the judiciary not to truncate the electoral process, the PDP leader said: “Whoever that the tribunal eventually announces as the winner of the election, I am saying, if the judiciary pronounces anybody the president with the shambolic procedure from this election, it will be a shame on this country. The judiciary should never go through that route.

“The procedure is faulty and so they should direct the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, to go back and do the election again. If it is one million times, go back and do the election. You see now that there is peace in Kenya because the Supreme Court said go back and do the election.

“Otherwise, if they pronounce Mr A or Mr B as the winner of that shambolic election, then democracy in Nigeria would be redefined as the government of the judiciary, for the judiciary and by the judiciary. Is that a democracy?”


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