The Many Scandals of Bamidele Onalaja’s RevolutionPlus Property

Bamidele Onalaja’s RevolutionPlus Property has continued to be in the news for the wrong reasons.


Newspointer reports that one of Nigeria’s leading real estate companies, RevolutionPlus Property has continued to be in the news majorly for the wrong reasons.




Owned by Bamidele Onalaja, RevolutionPlus Property came into the limelight barely ten years ago but it’s been from one scandal to the other for the company.

Despite having celebrities as ambassadors, RevolutionPlus Property has not been able to be scandal-free especially in its relation with realtors and customers.




Although it is impossible for a company to be without scandal in the real estate industry, Nigeria has quite several companies but RevolutionPlus property appears to be the most mentioned in the negative light.

Meanwhile, NewsOnline Nigeria reports that the company isn’t the biggest in the industry, several others rank higher than RevolutionPlus but they don’t get scandalized as often as this.




Bamidele Onalaja’s owned RevolutionPlus has faced several scandals but this article will only highlight a few of them.


The Many Scandals of Bamidele Onalaja’s RevolutionPlus Property;


1. Fraud Allegation:



NewsOnline Nigeria recalls that in 2022, RevolutionPlus Properties was called out by its subscribers, alleging that they were defrauded because they didn’t get their allocations despite paying in full years ago. Some subscribers went as far as calling on the Economic Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) to investigate the company for fraudulent acts. At some point, some of the company’s celebrity ambassadors were dragged into the matter and sadly, the company admitted to not allocating lands for subscribers. The issue was resolved after the company decided to allocate lands to the aggrieved customers.


2. Another Fraud Allegation:

In 2023, one of the company’s ambassadors, Toyin Abraham had to terminate her ambassadorial deal with RevolutionPlus properties because of the threats she received after the company was once again accused of not allocating properties for subscribers. She even had to tell her followers to deal with the company with due diligence, hereby disassociating herself from them completely. This was following an allegation of N15 Million scandal that rocked the CEO, Bamidele Onalaja by a subscriber. He claimed he paid the said amount in 2020 but had not gotten allocation as of 2023.


3. Breach Of Contract:

Still in 2023, RevolutionPlus Property Development Company Limited was taken to a Magistrate’s Court in Lagos State by a subscriber named Ebele Ikpeoyi. The subscriber alleged breach of contract and failure to deliver a property that was supposedly paid for between 2020 and 2022.


According to the lawsuit filed by her lawyer, Mr. Ugochukwu Eze, Ebele Ikpeoyi, a legal practitioner, subscribed to the purchase of a plot of land situated at Emirates Seaview Estate, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos State. After completing the full payment for the property, she received an allocation letter from the real estate company in March 2022.


However, instead of proceeding with the necessary documentation for transferring the property’s ownership, RevolutionPlus informed her via email that she would be allocated a different property located in Highbury Estate, distinct from the land she originally paid for.


4. Land Allocation Issues:

Last week, a Nigerian man living abroad called out revolutionPlus, alleging that he is now homeless abroad after using all his money (N40m) to buy 20 plots of land from Revolutionplus since 2017, yet he has not seen the land. He called on the government to intervene before he takes his own life. Although in a response, the company claims the subscriber defaulted severally and that’s the reason he is yet to get his property.


One would notice that all of these happened between 2022, 2023, and January 2024; this is a pointer that RevolutionPlus Property is scandal-prone and isn’t doing something right.


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