Henkel Nigeria Strengthens Collaboration with Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Investment during Courtesy Visit



Henkel Nigeria, a leading German multinational renowned for its WAW and Nittol detergents in the country, has reaffirmed its dedicated commitment to supporting Nigeria’s industrial development. This commitment comes amidst growing awareness of the potential of Nigeria’s non-oil industry to diversify the economy.

This was the focus of discussion during the courtesy visit by the Henkel Nigeria management team, led by Rajat Kapur, Managing Director, Henkel Nigeria, along with Kadir Demirtas, Head of Finance, and other key members of the management team. They met with the Honourable Minister, Dr. Doris Nkiruka Uzoka-Anite, Minister of Industry, Trade, and Investment in Abuja, with the aim of strengthening collaboration and identifying strategies to overcome challenges hindering mutual growth and development within Nigeria’s industrial sector.

During the visit, Rajat Kapur informed the Minister of the company’s efforts in driving safety and innovation, promoting Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG), and contributing to the nation’s industrial advancement.

Acknowledging the Ministry’s crucial role in Nigeria’s industrial promotion, Rajat Kapur highlighted Henkel Nigeria’s eagerness to work closely with the government in overcoming challenges to industrial advancement.

He also emphasized the critical need to cultivate an enabling business environment in the country, with a particular focus on facilitating access to forex and ensuring stable energy supply. Kapur highlighted the necessity for policy regulations that would provide relief to manufacturers in the nation, emphasizing this as a prerequisite for bolstering economic growth and sustainability.

Rajat expressed gratitude, stating, “We commend your unwavering commitment to upholding standards in manufacturing processes that meet global benchmarks. We are working closely with the government to maintain compliance with regulations and align with government initiatives to propel the economy forward.”

He added: “We recognize the private sector’s vital role in national development, aligning perfectly with the Federal Government’s vision for economic prosperity. We are also mindful of the fact that fostering innovation, securing jobs, and engaging in sustainable business practices are significant steps in contributing to Nigeria’s growth.”

In her response, the Minister commended Henkel Nigeria for its contributions to the country’s economy and welcomed the opportunity to strengthen ties with the company. Acknowledging Henkel’s reputation for excellence and its track record of innovation and empowerment, the Minister expressed optimism about the potential for fruitful collaboration between the Ministry and Henkel Nigeria in overcoming current economic challenges.

“We are fully prepared to ensure that your company, along with others operating in the country, receives the appropriate position within the economy, she said.









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