10 cities around the world named after food

In different countries around the world, cities are named after many things.

Appleyard, Washington

A city could be named after a river, a person or the name could be from a prominent structure in that city. There are however some cities that have yummy names as they were named after food.

Here are 10 cities around the world named after food;

This is a small community in Burnet, Texas that has a water tower painted to resemble a box of oatmeal. Not only does this community bear the name of a food, the residents of Oatmeal and the nearby city of Bertram celebrate an Oatmeal Festival every year.


Located in Jackson, Florida, this community is also named after food. It is said that the name came about after some poor families during the Great Depression would use eggs as a means of exchange of goods.

Another version of this city’s name says two eggs were dropped by accident, causing the name to be selected. Weird right?

Two egg

While this sounds really funny, Burnt Corn is actually the name of a community in Alabama. It is not clear how this name came about as one version says someone passing by this place found a pile of parched corn.

Another version says the town was named after the burning of corn fields that happened during the Creek War in the early 1800s. One thing is clear though – there was corn and it was burnt, hence – Burnt Corn.

Burnt Corn

This is a small city in West Virginia with a population of about 20 people as of 2020. Cucumber the city is said to have been named after Cucumber Creek or the cucumber trees located there.

Cucumber, West Virginia(breaks-interstate-park)

This is also another small city and it is said to have gotten its name from nearby limestone hills.

Lime village