CUPP read with dismay and utter disappointment the request made by the DG of GDM,a political arm of the Honorable Member representing IDEATO Federal Constituency, Most Holy St Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere.

The DG, Hon Njesi asked IDEATO indigenes who participated in the current police recruitment to report to his office for possible assistance

CUPP doesn’t have issues with the idea of using the Honorable Members weight to leverage on critical needs. After all, part of the duty of the Hon member is to create and facilitate job opportunities for his constituents

However, CUPP is worried over the timing of this advertisement

The police recruitment process started in January 2024. The Honorable member and his team were some miles distance from the constituents on this. Nobody requested for the list or names of the applicants from Ideato nation. Applicants were allowed to struggle and sweat it out in the open field

The applicants went through three clear and distinct processes unaided

First, they went for physical screening at Police State Command , Owerri. Many of them were screened out

Those who succeeded at the physical screening stage were invited for an aptitude test at Akvan Ikoku University of Education , Owerri. I know many from IDEATO nation who failed the aptitude tests and were disqualified from the process

Third, those who passed the aptitude test were invited for the medical screening at Police Zone 9 Command, Unuahia, two weeks ago. Information reaching us indicate that all applicants that reached the medical screening stage have been offered positions. One only need to pass the first two stages to be a police hopeful. The medical stage is only a formality , except if an applicant is having a serious medical impediments

With this at the background, one understands why the office of the Hon member suddenly woke from sleep to facilitate recruitment of our people. It is the harvest time, and those who didn’t sow are smart to reap?

CUPP keeps reminding Ideato people that the member that represents them have got no interest in what happens around them. He doesn’t care and gives no ear or eye to issues bordering or relating to his people

It is morally condemnable to observe or witness the sudden decision to identify with the success of young boys and girls who passed through hell, with no assistance or intervention from any quarters. Applicants from Ideato were wedded off at every stage of the recruitment while less qualified ones from other constituencies , who have sensitive representatives got waivers! IDEATO lost mot less 70 applicants owing to Ikenga’s indifference!

Most Holy St Ikenga should allow the successful applicants to be. They are already successful and they don’t need his help at this point. That help comes late!



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